The Four Corners

by Myke Mazzei

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    Hello friends! Enjoy Myke Mazzei's first solo album, THE FOUR CORNERS! The entire thing was recorded on analogue cassette tape in 1999-2003, and recently re-mixed (in 2011) using digital technology... though you wouldn't know it. Click on each song title to read anecdotes about the recordings!

    Myke Mazzei

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THE FOUR CORNERS covers a spectrum of emotion familiar to Myke Mazzei fans: alienation, affection, reminiscence, and more alienation! Good times! An edgy folk-rock feel surfaces here for the first time, evidenced by some electric guitar work and appearances by fellow Spookyhorse players Jeff Kahl and Chris Gapski, and with cover art by Brent Hooton!


released October 1, 2003

Recorded April-September 2003, except "Summer Of 1999" recorded June 1999. Photography and package design by Brent Hooton.
All songs written by Myke Mazzei, except "Summer Of 1999", written by Chris Gapski and Myke Mazzei.
Recorded on analogue equipment for your listening enjoyment.
Mixed by Myke Mazzei in 2011.



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Myke Mazzei Toronto, Ontario

Canadian acoustic slowcore and hummably melodic singer-songwriter. According to listeners, anyway!

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Track Name: The Four Corners
Well I can't understand what's so wrong with the plan,
Got a bank on every corner, and a gun in my hand
It's simple logic, got to protect what's mine
I'll give it to ya point blank
Sorry for being frank
But you can't get in my mind no matter how hard you try

It takes two to tango with a tangled libido
Taste the fruit of my wares before they strangle your ego
You know they go down smooth, if you'll only swallow
Ignore the taste
It's from the same paste
It's hard to wallow after such a big fallout

Ain't nothin' wrong with globalization
One guy at the top handles all the dictation
If you don't like my idea, go find another world
This one won't last
Now that history's passed
New rules have unfurled since the four corners have curled
Track Name: Appreciation
Don't think I don't notice the way you brush your hair
How the light beams make it shimmer in the early morning air
That it falls upon your cheerful face
A subtle smile, an endless grace
There's nothing you can do to chase this beauty soft and fair

Don't pretend to look away every single time
I catch your eyes upon me, the intensity sublime
A casual glance my way at first
Then desire and lust, and passionate thirst
You're my sweet temptation at worst; your eyes are safe in mine

Don't stop sharing with me your wild and charming ways
A voice so filled with laughter sets imagination ablaze
Excitement never seems so clear
As when you whisper in my ear
I love you every time I hear your voice, you fill my days
I love you every time I hear your voice...
Track Name: Your Love/This Town
This town is dead to me now.
You made me feel like a failure.
I'll hate you forever.
I'll hate you forever.

Your love is dead to me now.
You made me feel like I'm a failure.
And I'll hate you forever.
I'll hate you forever.
I'll hate you forever.
I'll hate you forever.
But I'll love you forever.
And I'll love you... forever.